We invite you to participate in the international, interdisciplinary conference from the series „Good Connections”. We would like to focus on the issue of overcoming isolationist tendencies in various areas of social life and on developing the ability to cooperate. We invite social researchers, sociologists, urban planners, pedagogues, psychologists and representatives of other fields and disciplines.
The conference has three purposes – taking up the discussion, exchanging of information and, above all, expanding the research cooperation network

  1. Undertaking a discussion on the subject of isolationist tendencies in the contemporary world and explaining deficits in the scope of undertaking and developing interpersonal and intergroup cooperation.
  2. Exchanging of information on conducted research on the phenomenon, causes and consequences of isolation in social life and strategies for developing cooperation between groups, organizations, institutions.
  3. Expanding international scientific cooperation network under the „Connectivity Center”. The Center undertakes research on overcoming isolation and development of cooperation in various areas of social life (politics, culture, media, education)

We look forward to the proposal of papers addressing the issue of isolation, isolationism and conditions for the development of cooperation in the following areas:

  • International relations, ethnic and social conflicts
  • Crossborder issues, migrations, anti-immigrant moods
  • Public sphere and cross-sector cooperation
  • Education, deficit of cultural and social capital
  • Religion, fundamentalism, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue
  • Media and social media, filtering bubbles
  • Urban planning and urban regeneration
  • Social economy and social entrepreneurship
  • Social policy and social care
  • Social participation, distrust and reconstruction of social trust
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